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Elevated into organisation-wide leadership roles at an early age ranging from enterprise, NGO's and movements, Laura has been unveiled as a prodigy in motivating people to greater heights, accomplishing goals from both a corporate and personal perspective.

By age 30, she had built a multi-national million dollar company in the tech sector servicing clients like McDonalds, Fujitsu and Groupon, Zurich Insurance and other billion-dollar organizations through designing systems to successfully scale strategy and teams.

Out of 1012 entries, Laura was 1 of only 50 entrepreneurs selected from around the world for the prestigious Sovereign Academy 2019 in Lithuania, Europe.


It might have taken 12 months, but the day SpurPress grew from $0 to a six-figure business, Laura was convinced she had the mindset, skillset and toolset to empower others to do the same. A digital transformation agency co-founded with her husband, SpurPress has served clients across different industries, from finance to education, government agencies to food & beverage.

Leading a team of 25, Laura worked with industry leading companies like McDonald's, Inti University College, Maxis and more, with the experience from that venture refining her skills in project management and operational excellence.

On top of Laura's foundational skills in content marketing, UX design and building high conversion sales funnels, she has also ventured into the fields of coaching and facilitative learning. She believes it’s an important skill to be able to execute a task effectively, and that it’s an equally important skill and paradigm shift - to be able teach others and enable them to turn it into a high-income skill. 

Today, Laura is the director of SpurPress and a strategist for the WYODC movement. 


  • + Multi-faceted, detail-orientated and process-driven digital “unicorn” who has mastered many areas of the tech industry over the last 10 years, with a passion for developing human potential & organization culture.
  • + A strong foundation of digital strategy with broad experience in digital project management, web design, e-commerce and funnels, SEO, social media & content marketing, hiring and training.
  • + Clients include billion-dollar companies in Malaysia such as Maxis, Digi & The Star, tech startups & platforms such as Piktochart, iMoney & iProperty, and MNCs like McDonald’s, Fujitsu, OCBC & Zurich Insurance.
  • + Grew business to over 2.6 million in sales over 6 years with year-on-year growth by building and leading a team to deliver quality work that resulted in ongoing client referrals and contract renewals.
  • Specializes in/Super Powers/Critical Skills: Digital strategy, digital project management, web design, e-commerce, funnel mapping, SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, team leadership, training, coaching.


Laura Kuimba is a women leadership strategist and ecosystem builder, creating and championing platforms for ambitious women to heal, grow and flourish on their own terms. Passionate about the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship and mental wellbeing, Laura speaks for prestigious platforms and conferences around the world. 

She is the co-founder of SHE Network Asia - a community of women supporting each other to discover and and unlock success and impact in every area of life through Strengths, Happiness, and Empowerment. She serves on the founding board of Women of Global Change, Kuala Lumpur chapter, and is currently the youngest ever Board Member & first female Board Chairperson for New Zealand-based NGO, World Outreach International. Laura is also the founder of WomenWILL and host of Activating Women Leaders podcast and Women in Leadership Limelight podcast.

They say "Where There's a WILL, There's a Way". WomenWILL exists to serve ambitious  women leaders by highlighting the different paths to success and leadership, providing the tools, skills and support to take the 'next' step. It's a movement empowering ambitious women to heal, flourish and grow, so they can lead themselves & their teams - at home and at work - from personal mastery to live powerfully with impact, purpose and confidence.

Laura Kuimba is groomed by numerous international trainers and coaches with the skills to train & deliver impactful and engaging content as an author, speaker, experiential games designer, Genos-Certified Emotional Intelligence coach, NLP certified practitioner, and PSMB/HRDF Outstanding Train-the-Trainer Graduate.

Laura champions a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach to leveraging business, education, technology and social transformation to create an environment where everyone can flourish, and a world every woman can feel safe and empowered.

SHE Network Asia

Women of Global Change


"You are free. You just don't know it yet.”

The wise would sometimes say all it takes is the right book, the right verse to change the course of one's life. For Laura, it was these two simple sentences from Francine Rivers' book, Redeeming Love. 

Laura deeply believes in the first part, and has made it her life’s mission to help others realize the second.

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Laura knows what it’s like not having the right empowerment to advance oneself, having seen first-hand the cycles of poverty.

Giving a woman a fish feeds her for a day. Laura wants to teach people how to fish – to feed their family, community, and future generations. Her exposure to transformative technologies & impact-driven innovation during her travels around the world has only cemented her calling.

If you were to ask for her “report card” when she meets her Creator? She would ask for an extended stay on Earth – to instill courage in one more girl, inspire confidence in one more woman, and impact change in one more community.

SHE Network Asia

Women of Global Change


Laura Kuimba

In summary, Laura is mostly known as:

  • The director and co-founder of SpurPress
  • The first female and youngest POC Board Chairperson for New Zealand-based World Outreach International (WOI)
  • Co-founder, SHE Network (Strengths|Happiness|Empowerment)
  • Founder, WomenWILL (Women in Leadership Limelight)
  • Founding board member, Women of Global Change Kuala Lumpur
  • Genos Emotional Intelligence practitioner & Certified NLP practitioner
  • Awarded outstanding PSMB/HRDF Train-the-Trainer graduate

Entrepreneurship drives everything: Job creation, poverty alleviation, innovation.

 - Elliott Bisnow


A highly effective business woman who knows business scaling, digital strategy, organizational culture, and building teams, I coach leaders across a wide spectrum of industries, businesses and impact-driven organizations to fully embrace the interwoven complexity of the world.

As an ecosystem creator and strategist, I look at things from both an individual and systemic level. I work with both organisation and human design, combining business with psychology.