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Event organizers worldwide seek out Laura for her jaw-dropping speeches imbued with proven, easy-to-digest frameworks that allow ambitious woman leaders thrive on their own terms.

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Elevated into organization-wide leadership roles at an early age ranging from enterprise, NGOs, and movements, Laura has been unveiled as a prodigy in motivating people to greater heights, accomplishing goals from both a corporate and personal perspective.

Building a multinational million-dollar company in the tech sector servicing clients like McDonald’s, Fujitsu and Groupon, Zurich Insurance, and other billion-dollar organizations by the age of 30, Laura is passionate about the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and wellbeing, speaking at prestigious conferences around the world.

It took 12 months, but the day SpurPress became a six-figure business, she knew she had the mindset, skillset, and toolset to empower other women to do the same regardless of age and background.

With a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to leveraging business, education, technology, and social transformation up her sleeves, she strives to create an environment where ambitious woman leaders can flourish.

If you were to ask for her “report card” when she meets her Creator, she would ask for an extended stay on Earth – to instil courage in one more girl, inspire confidence in one more woman, and impact change in one more community.

  • Director & Co-Founder of SpurPress
  • Co-founder of SHE Network Asia
  • Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner
  • NLP Certified Practitioner
  • PSMB/HRDF Outstanding Train-the-Trainer Graduate
  • Youngest board & first female Chairperson for New Zealand-based World Outreach International, one of the oldest NGOs in the world
  • Founding board member of Women of Global Change Kuala Lumpur chapter
  • 1 of only 50 entrepreneurs selected from around the world for the prestigious Sovereign Academy 2019 in Lithuania, Europe
  • Writer, Speaker, and Experience Designer

Top 12% HRDF Outstanding Train the Trainer Graduate (77 trainers selected from 637 sessions reviewed)

Igniting Courage In Women

Too many female entrepreneurs are walking the lonely road. Unable to thrive in male-dominated environments, their confidence and talents go into hibernation. 

The Intentional High V.I.B.E Leaders reveals a proven four-part framework to paving a successful path for women in leadership without being forced to choose between work and home. 

Women who follow this framework will reignite their Vision, Influence, Being, and Engagement and leverage them to succeed in any environment they find themselves in at all times - be it in a meeting room or at the dinner table.

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Past Speaking Opportunities

Stages With Laura’s Footprints:


Moët Hennessy Malaysia

  • Topic: Women Leaders Masterclass
  • In this insightful workshop, leadership specialist Laura Kuimba shared hard-won lessons from leading both multinational million-dollar enterprises and NGOs as easy to implement strategies to empower women leaders in MOET. 


Compass Mind Asia Global Leadership Summit

  • Topic: Transforming & Thriving Together: Adapting Quickly To Lead Effectively


ADAPT International Convention 2020 (world’s largest online tech conference)

  • Topic: The Invisible Advantage
  • Women Leaders are technology's hidden advantage


Customized Training Solutions Pte Ltd

  • Topic: Women Empowerment - Thrive within the Covid-19 crisis
  • Laura spoke about the 3 Mega trends that are empowering women in business today. Amidst the fast-changing landscape due to Covid-19, Laura shares how women can leverage these trends to get better results in life and work. 


SuperFast Business Sydney

  • Topic: CHOOSING TO CHEAT: The A.S.P.I.R.E Model to Staying Sane When Life Overwhelms You 
  • It sure gets hectic for the entrepreneur. While work/life balance is a nice concept, it can seem downright unattainable as the unpredictability of life hits you square in the jaw. How do you maintain a sense of control — however tenuous — when cashflow issues, bad news, sickness in the family and other obligations are fighting for room in your mind space? 


OWSD Malaysia National Chapter

  • Topic: The Female Frontier: Lifting the Lid, Raising the Bar
  • Webinar on Women in Leadership Roles Empowering women leaders in STEM (Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World-Malaysia National Chapter (OWSD-MNC))


WICCI Women Empowerment Event

  • Topic: Building Your Presence: Website, Ecommerce & Funnels
  • Workshop Series To Empower Women in Business. Designed to help women struggling during the pandemic to pivot online. Starting from creating a website or Ecommerce stores, and walking them through how to get their message out.


Rotary Club of USJ, 22nd Anniversary

  • Topic: Leading In a Time of Crisis
  • Leading In a Time of Crisis


Women of Global Change Kuala Lumpur

  • Topic: Let’s Get Real - Finding Sisterhood in Hard Times 
  • Join WGC Board members Nadine Valdes, Princess D, Laura Kuimba and Betsy Yeo as we have a heart to heart talk about the challenges we’ve faced during the last few months, the lessons we’ve learned and how we are moving forward in a new world.


SHE Network Asia


Grace Batu Pahat (Gereja Presbyterian Malaysia)

  • Topic: For God's Sake: Why Christians Must Lead the Battle Against Human Trafficking
  • One of the world’s fastest growing criminal industries, human trafficking affects every nation across the globe. Showing justice to the oppressed and preventing evils such as modern slavery is just one of the ways we make God's love known.


Singapore Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast 2019